usually i'm a chill person and i don't mind meeting or talking with new peeps with different opinions than me but just as a general reminder.

Don't interact if:

  • If you support pedophilia/incest/abuse in any sort of way, or are a pedophile/abuser yourself, get the fuck away from me
  • Religious and support homophobia, pedophilia/are misogynistic etc [don't bother talking to me esp if you're muslim who supports all this.]
  • Just a general fuckin' asshole who doesn't respect others
  • Are homophobic/transphobic in anyway, but also ace/arophobic. Bi and Panphobia are also included, just don't be fucking gross, for fuck's sakes.
  • Transmed/trucsum, etc.
  • Support whitewashing but also edit artist's work and "fix" the skin tones.

Stuff I really don't like but you might as well tag:

  • "x character is racist/homophobic/would call me a slur"
  • character death
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