i am into a lot of stuff, but ill mention a few. [Keep in mind I havent played some games bc i lack the consoles but I'll try my best to see if i can play 'em!!!]


  • Angry Birds [mostly Toons but to some extent movie too]
  • Cookie Run
  • Megaman [i like classic more but seeing i'm still new to the series, so i'm trynna guide myself through]
  • Pokemon
  • OFF (game)
  • Transformers (Animated/Prime, and I have yet to read the comics ;;)
  • Cuphead


  • video games [nintendo, sega, capcom, indie games etc]
  • learning about cultures, science, etc
  • art. esp detailed art and learning about breakdowns
  • food.
  • reading, tho i wish i had more motivation for it
  • watching cartoons, movies n anime but again, motivation
  • gore, disturbing artwork [i don't rt it but if i do, i'll be sure to tag it]
  • fashionable clothing/accessories
  • havin' a good time with friends!!!!!!
  • clowns. idk they're rly cute
  • ROBOTS!!!!!!
  • animals!!! esp cats n snakes haha
  • music!!! i listen to all genres but mostly rock haha
  • biology, sciences, etc.
  • debating, discussions [though i can get riled up easily haha]
  • OCs/FCs!!! Please do show me yours and tell me about them!
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