• obit, victoria chang


    • how high we go in the dark, sequoia nagamatsu
    • artemis, stephanie budin


    • conversations on love, natasha lunn
    • our wives under the sea, julia armfield
    • the employees: a workplace novel of the 22nd century, olga ravn ★


    • time is a mother, ocean vuong ✩
    • and then i woke up, malcolm devlin


  • the midnight lie, marie rutkoski (mar/20)
  • burn our bodies down, rory power (jul/20)
  • the year of magical thinking, joan didion (aug)
  • the human cosmos: a secret history of the stars, jo marchant (aug)
  • letters to milena, franz kafka (oct)
  • hardboiled & hard luck, banana yoshimoto (nov)
  • rimbaud complete: poetry and prose, arthur rimbaud (nov)
  • the letters of a portuguese nun, mariana alcoforado (dec)
  • the gnostics: myth, ritual, and diversity in early christianity, david brakke (dec)
  • the wound is a world, billy-ray belcourt (dec)
  • writing, marguerite duras (dec)
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