• First generation Lao-American (according to 23andme, I also have roots from China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand).
  • English is not my first language. Although I was born and raised in America, the community I was raised in is a Lao-dominant community and thus I was in ESL from grades kindergarten to sixth grade. I have a very fluent grasp on English, but I do slip-up.
  • I have an AA in Theatre Performance and I hope to get into the voice acting gig!
  • Some of my hobbies include singing, cosplaying and photography!
  • I currently work as a respite care provider for a special needs child.
  • Unfortunately been dealt some bad cards in regards to my physical health, but despite all of that, I do my absolute best to get through life and live with new adjustments to make it bearable.
  • Raised Theravada Buddhist but I don't actively practice.
  • I like to believe I have a very open mind, and am okay with listening to view points opposing mine (such as pairings I don't ship, etc.) and discussing problematic themes (in private, because I know these topics can be very personal). This does not mean I will conform to those ideals, it just means I want to expand my mind because I value critical thinking.
  • I will however say that I have a zero tolerance for racist, anti-LGBT+, misogynistic, basically anything oppressive and violating human rights ideals.
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