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NC-17; 22k; Warning/s: Side Sekailu, Hallucinations, Eating Disorders, Drug Abuse, Slight Gore, Violence, and Religious Themes, Rimming, Character Death

NC-17; 46k; Warning/s: cross-dressing, rape fantasy, murder, mentions of drugs and self arm, mentions of stockholm syndrome and sexual abuse, mention of suicidal thoughts/tendancies

NC-17; 21k; Warning/s: Age gaps, slight religious themes, noncon, dubcon

NC-17; 38k; Warning/s: dubcon, soft daddy!kink, graphic images, violence, brief mentions of bestiality

Mature; 11k + 3 extra chapters; Warning/s: minor character deaths, mutilation, age-gap

NC-17; 45k; Warning/s: explicit content, violence, incest, character death

NC-17; three-shot ; Warning/s: daddy!kink, cross-dressing, age play, adult content, incestuous themes

NC-17; 165k; Warning/s: past!Xiuhan, homophobia, explicit sex, mental abuse, themes of self harm, depression, drinking, & brief mentions of drugs. Implied past sexual abuse, child abuse, implied suicide of a non-exo character, & non consensual incestuous acts

Mature/Trigger Warning; 38k; Warning/s: mature content, daddy!kink (DDLG), bdsm, rimming, orgasm denial, asphyxiophilia, exhibitionism, total power exchange, raptophilia (non-consensual), katoptronophilia, paraphilic infantilism, crossdress play, cockshaming,, semi-incestuous matters, violence...

PG/PG-13/NC-17/R (in the foreword all chapters are listed with their ratings + warning/s); 20 chapters

NC-17; 17k; Warning/s: diaper fetishism, omorashi (urolagnia), pacifier gag, paraphilic infantilism, self arm

NC-17; 52k; Warning/s: Contains foul language, mature content, explicit sexual scenes & violence, also contains brief mentions of rape and abuse. Other pairings are mentioned and implied throughout; Lu Han/Wu Fan, Lu Han/Chanyeol, Lu Han/Jongin, Chanyeol/Baekhyun & Wu Fan/Zitao.

NC-17; 18 chapters + epilogue; Warning/s: side!Chanbaek, drama, angst

Pg15??; 28 chapters + sequel/prologue (rated M); Warning/s: angst, psychological!au, Chanbaek

R/NC-17; oneshot; Warning/s: 1800!au, romance

NC-17; oneshot; Warning/s: angst, age gap (16 yrs!)


NC-17; 9k

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