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  • Changes, Justin Bieber ★★★
    • ♡ come around me, yummy, available, forever, running over
  • Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa ★★★
    • ♡ don't start now, levitating, hallucinate
    • a huge step down from her first album, imo. And......... I CAN'T BELIEVE DUA RELEASED PHYSICAL AND BREAK MY HEART AS SINGLES WHEN SHE HAD SONGS LIKE LEVITATING AND HALLUCINATE ??? even cool and pretty please would've been better
  • Sawayama, Rina Sawayama ★★★★★
    • ♡ dynasty, comme des garcons, paradisin', love me 4 me, bad friend, who's gonna save you now?, tokyo love hotel
  • Chromatica, Lady Gaga ★★★½
    • ♡ alice, free woman, stupid love, rain on me, sour candy, enigma
  • Make you happy, NiziU ★★★
    • ♡ boom boom boom, niji no mukou e
    • im praying to god that niziu will fill the hole in my heart that e-girls left
  • Anima, DAOKO ★★
    • ♡ ai no loss, otogi no machi, ocharaketa yo
    • this album was so boring... :(
  • Folklore, Taylor Swift ★★★★
    • ♡ the last great american dinasty, exile, mirrorball, invisible string
    • I don't like the black and white cover (covers are a big deal to me and pretty much set my mood while listening to something, and this one made me feel sad and anxious lol) but the album as a whole feels so... cozy; something that you would listen calmly at home while drinking hot chocolate. I enjoyed it a lot.

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  • #, Loona ★★
    • ♡ number 1, oh yes i am
  • Map of the soul 7, Bts ★★★★½
    • ♡ my time, on, 00:00, inner child, friends, respect
    • this album would be perfect without the songs from mots persona that drag the whole album down
  • Bloomiz, Izone
    • ♡ open your eyes
  • It'z me, Itzy ★★★★★
    • ♡ wannabe, ting ting ting, you make me
  • More & More, Twice ★★★★
    • ♡ oxygen, firework, shadow, make me go
    • weak title track and don't call me again sucks, but the rest of the album is perfect
  • 1 billion views, Exo-SC ★★★
    • ♡ 1 billion views, say it, rodeo station
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