• Scrambled Guts by falloutgirl: E, 17k, college au. the johnjae essential; aka are you even a johnjaeist if you haven't read this masterpiece? very funny and sweet.
  • Alpha Instincts♡ by falloutgirl: E, 60k, 2 chapters, ABO. a bit heavier; the frustration i've felt while reading this is out of charts!! interesting take on abo dynamics, lots of conflict and drama, deals with social prejudice.
  • to find a keeper by seonho: E, 25k, football au. in which jaehyun is a lucky fan and johnny wins more than he would expect. cute!
  • slow down by 10softbot: E, 3k, fwb. the amount of feelings they've managed to fit in despite it not being a long fic... amazing. wonderful.
  • Jersey by thismighthurt: E, 3k, hockey/figure skating au, pwp. listen - figure skater jaehyun and hockey player johnny? it can't get better than this. the perfect mix of soft, fun and nasty <3


  • Hello, Who's Your Husband? ♡ by moonfishes: T, 6k, professors au. my absolute favorite. the characters feel real, and they are written so well. PLUS johnny and doyoung are so grossly enamored with each other that you might as well start believing in true love.
  • the power of christ compels you! by rowenabane: T, 11k, college/roommates au. a play on "opposites attract" with a spark of magic. humourous, light hearted and one of the best feel good fics.
  • The Johnny Seo Effect by pcyikes: G, 8k, hogwarts au. doyoung and johnny have always hated each other, ever since they were students... or maybe not? everyone has a soft spot for johnny, and johnny- well.
  • The Ones You Least Suspect♡ by nu-exo (Nekohime): E, 24k, magic au. the world building is absolutely beautiful in this one! johnny and doyoung bicker all the time + the story is intriguing and unusual. there is a twist ! warning for blood/gore.
  • Four Walls by seokonthat: T, 21k, au, friends to lovers. nice breaker of the "juvenile" fics. this one is more mature, the characters are aged up, and we get to see a story of (re)creating a path to love and happy ending.
  • read me like a melody by monopolizers: T, 5k, college au. the longing, the ache, the miscommunication. johnny and doyoung have to fall for each other once again to realize they've never fallen out.
  • riot time♡ by nsofties: M, 20k, slice of life au. past fwb stuck on a boat together while getting ready for their friends' wedding? what could possibly go wrong? chaos ensues.


  • you shine like the stars you light up my heart♡ by hyuckheis (johnyongs): E, 19k, college au. this pure, raw, emotional love... lots of misunderstandings, insecurity, communication problems. everything feels very real. beautiful piece of art.
  • love to love you by jokheiz: E, 9k, fwb college au. sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly. loved the little details about this.
  • the hottest flame by jenhyung: M, 22k, 2 chapters, historical au. since i'm a sucker for everything and anything historical, i've adored this fic. second chapter made it even better (especially if you're sappy and romantic).
  • i like the way you work it by taeyomi (buttercream): T, 35k, 90s au. this story is a beautiful take on the 90s tropes, the lifestyle, stereotypes. all characters are very loveable and you can't help but root for them.
  • when it rains♡ by RoamingSignals: G, 7k, magical realism au. it's a very beautiful, poetic kind of story. it touches the deepest part of human's soul, and plays with the theme of loneliness and unknown.
  • The Spell That Binds by taeyongseo: E, 201k, hogwarts au. yes, this is 'the bible' of the whole fandom. amazing plot, great characters.
  • Immaculate by namtae: M, 9k, 2 chapters. major character death - or is it? space is so big and immaculate is there to explore it. inspired by the story of mars robot opportunity.
  • when summer comes by gly13: T, 17k, college/high school au. loved this non-linear storytelling. trope 'it gets worse before it gets better'. resolving a painful breakup.


  • my fingertips and my lips they burn♡ by 80sfilms: lumark. T, 21k, au. warning for mentions of suicide/depression. this is the coming of age story of our century. a very long slow burn; yet there is obvious love and care from the very beginning.
  • such stuff as dreams are made of by jenuyu: lumark. E, 5k, hogwarts au. love love love the story progression in this one!! the realization + the little twist is wonderful.
  • Practice & Theory by synthetica: dojae. E, 74k, 7 chapters, doctor/patient theme. deals with morality, human vulnerability and sexuality.
  • rocketfuel by idolrapper: jaemark. M, 3k, college au. we love some good childhood friends turned lovers trope!!
  • Points of Contact by lunalius: johnkun. M, 9k, fwb roommates au. everyone loves some good ol' mutual pining.
  • Too Busy Being Yours♡ by cobalamincosel, n_ikuman: johnyu. M, 11k, au rock band. this is a life changing fic; a process of friends becoming friends with benefits and falling in love somewhere in the middle.
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