• Scrambled Guts by falloutgirl: E, 17k, college au. the johnjae essential; aka are you even a johnjaeist if you haven't read this masterpiece? very funny and sweet.
  • Alpha Instincts♡ by falloutgirl: E, 60k, 2 chapters, ABO. a bit heavier; the frustration i've felt while reading this is out of charts!! interesting take on abo dynamics, lots of conflict and drama, deals with social prejudice.
  • to find a keeper by seonho: E, 25k, football au. in which jaehyun is a lucky fan and johnny wins more than he would expect. cute!
  • slow down by 10softbot: E, 3k, fwb. the amount of feelings they've managed to fit in despite it not being a long fic... amazing. wonderful.
  • Jersey by thismighthurt: E, 3k, hockey/figure skating au, pwp. listen - figure skater jaehyun and hockey player johnny? it can't ...
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