• everybody loves me 8k , pwp
    • Recently, Taeil has been fantasizing about it. Dreaming about it sometimes, waking up half hard and with a moan on the tip of his tongue, rutting against the bed.
    • it's a good pwp and i really wanted for the first fic on this list to be a gangbang *shrugs*
  • pieces of you 24k , a/b/o
    • Taeil is the one who initiates skinship, the one who leans his head on Youngho’s thighs or the one who stares at him for too long as to discover his secrets. Youngho is afraid that whatever they have, it’s so fragile that it will vanish if he mentions it.
    • i dislike a/b/o, i don't read a/b/o but this one is so well written i had to make ...
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mar 3 2019 +


  • trust you the most 52k , fluff and angst , hybrids
    • Do Kyungsoo ran a shelter for hybrids, but had never really considered keeping one of his own. Kai was left chained to Kyungsoo's front doors, abused so badly that he wouldn't let anyone get near him. It's a slow process, learning how to trust someone again.
    • hybrid aus are my guilty pleasure and this is one of the first exo ff i've enjoyed
  • november sky 14k , apocalypse au , strangers to lovers , fluff and angst and smut , blind!kyungsoo
    • Kyungsoo can't see the end of the world, but he can hear it. Anticipating the oncoming apocalypse, he prepares for everything and anything possible. The one thing he doesn't anticipate is a non-skilled burglar named Jongin.
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  • inc. 43k
    • i can't paste the description here cuz it fucks up the layout but this is one of the funniest ff i've read
  • inconclusive still being updated , slow burn , frenemies to lovers
    • reluctant paranormal investigators Yoonjin bicker in various abandoned locations and take turns to yell at ghosts.
  • a gilded world 169k , arranged marriage au , chaebol au
    • Jeon Seokjin has exactly four weeks to stop the impending engagement of his younger brother, doomed to a loveless marriage. The only way to stop it is to make a better match, more advantageous, more lucrative for the Jeon family. It's impossible. It's his only option. Min Yoongi does not want, will never want, will never ever ...
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  • (even when i look away i am still lookin... 10k , coffee shop au , college au , read in 2019
    • Kevin does calligraphy, Chanhee happens to make coffee. (Or, how to be fixated on someone twice without even knowing 101 with Choi Chanhee.)
    • i really like how it's written? it's light, fun and cute
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  • nct : jungwoo (ult), johnny and sicheng
  • exo : minseok (ult) and sehun
  • bts : jin and hobi
  • rv : yeri
  • tbz : chanhee
  • svt : seungkwan and vernon
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  • princess jellyfish (14.01-)


  • 100 days my prince (15.01-23.01)
    • i don't know what it is about amnesia plots, but i always get the worst secondhand embarrassment from them. this show was fun to watch with a friend and scream at the tv but i probably wouldn't finish it on my own.
  • romance is a bonus book (15.02.-)
  • moonlight drawn by the clouds (23.01-)


  • russian doll (10.02-11.02)
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