fics marked with ❤ are faves. no, scratch that, all of the fics on this entire list are my faves, those just have a special place in my heart. "All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others." and all that.


  • trust you the most 52k, fluff and angst, hybrids
    • Do Kyungsoo ran a shelter for hybrids, but had never really considered keeping one of his own. Kai was left chained to Kyungsoo's front doors, abused so badly that he wouldn't let anyone get near him. It's a slow process, learning how to trust someone again.
    • hybrid aus are my guilty pleasure and this is one of the first exo ff i've enjoyed
  • november sky 14k, apocalypse au, strangers to lovers, fluff and angst and smut, blind!kyungsoo
    • Kyungsoo can't see the end of the world, but he can hear it. Anticipating the oncoming apocalypse, he prepares for everything and anything possible. The one thing he doesn't anticipate is a non-skilled burglar named Jongin.
  • pay me some mind 33k, college au, fluff and smut and angst
    • Kyungsoo gets assigned to Jongin as study partners and discovers that Jongin has a YouTube channel where he reviews sex toys. Kyungsoo is intrigued.
    • ideal blend of cute, funny, sad and hot. also baek agonizing over a bad dragon dildo is hilarious.
  • high tides 105k, korean war au, angst, sad ending, slow burn, read in 2019
    • In the middle of a cold war, Kyungsoo gives Jongin the longest summer of his life.
    • “I do not make a habit.” “Of remembering?” Kyungsoo prompted. “Of mourning,” said Jongin.
    • everyone likes this and i'm no exception. the plot is amazing, the writing style gorgeous and it hurts so beautifully


  • where souls brimful of love abide and meet 61k, strangers to friends to lovers, fluff, depression, domestic, fated lovers, parallel universes, angst
    • How Park Chanyeol met Do Kyungsoo, fought a lot, became friends, fell in love, and got married. Prequel to 'and time yet for a hundred indecisions'. A domestic AU.
    • "Drift apart. All Kyungsoo’s life, that’s what he does."
    • i love kyungsoo's characterization, he's lonely in a way that i recognize, he's afraid of new friendships yet he longs for them, he longs for someone who's compassionate enough. he pushes people away and hurts himself in the process because he needs them but he's afraid he'll get hurt in the future. also there are little prince references and that's always good
    • also read the whole series, it's so beautifully written. i'd advise reading the first part of "where souls..." then "and time..." then the second part of "where souls..." and lastly "dissonance"
  • this must be how it feels 13k, hybrid au, hurt comfort, angst, homelessness,
    • Chanyeol has come to expect this kind of life, the one of the unwanted hybrid. Then comes Do Kyungsoo.
  • beta blockers 38k, abo, bdsm au, unreciprocated love, smut and angst, some hurt comfort
    • Chanyeol, a beta, finds himself in a hard place between two alphas. There's Baekhyun, the best friend who doesn't love him back. And there's D.O, the BDSM dom he's supposed to simply find pleasure in.
    • the summary sounds campy i know but it's great!! baek is a massive asshole tho. it captures the hurtful process of moving on and learning to live with the past really well. and, uhm, the smut is good too...
  • if i could(i would) 10k, office au
    • Kyungsoo has thousands of reasons why Chanyeol is the worst boss ever. None of them explain why he hasn't just quit.
  • (ele)mental_74k_, sns au, fanboys
    • Park Chanyeol desperately wants to recruit twitter fanartist Kyungsoo into his crew of gay fanboys. The obvious way to do this is by confessing his love for him every day.
    • this was so genuinely funny and cute skndccfnk


  • no hearts, no beats, just love 20k, robot/human
    • When his uncle gifts him an android for his birthday, Jongdae learns more about life than he’s ever known in his 21 years of living.


  • got me spinnin' 'round and 'round 10k, firefighter!chanyeol
    • Chanyeol is a small town firefighter who has always dreamed of being a hero. When his chance finally comes though, he’s totally unprepared for what’s at stake.
  • roads untravelled 60k, cyber punk-ish, dystopia, robot body parts, future au, slavery au, graphic descriptions of injuries, slow burn
    • Helping Junmyeon, a beautiful slave, escape his owner and flee from Lost Seoul to Busan perimeter was supposed to be a simple job that would make Chanyeol rich, and finally give him the means to settle down. Things couldn't go more terribly wrong.
    • "I'm sorry," Junmyeon whispers. "I'm sorry that you had to go through that. It isn't right... it really isn't right. You gave me my body back... I'm sorry that I cannot give you yours."
    • this gives off the same vibes as traveling alone through the nuclear desert in fallout new vegas, in other words, i really loved it


  • puppy in love 32k, slow burn, strangers to lovers, fashion au
    • As weird as it may seem, Chanyeol is convinced that his dog, Toben, is in love with the Welsh corgi next door. Unfortunately for Toben, the small dog seems uninterested and snobs him every time. Just like his grumpy owner.
    • i love baek's characterization here
  • even the midnights are better 45k, unspecified setting, royality au, enemies to lovers
    • Baekhyun, the son of the palace’s servants, has been waiting for the moment he discovers his soulmate. He just doesn’t expect his soulmate to be that particular crown prince who despises him ever since they were kids.
  • stranger on the bus 19k, modern setting, fantasy, angst, bittersweet
    • “If you get on the bus tomorrow morning and see him again, then it’s really your fate to talk to him.” It really is Chanyeol’s fate to talk to the cute stranger on the bus; except that he didn’t expect the stranger to tell him “you shouldn’t be able to see me.”
    • this made me cry and i never cry


  • cashmere craving 98k, office au kinda, strangers to lovers, smut and fluff and angst, exactly in this order, breaking up and making up
    • Yixing is the new hire at Seoul's corporate giant who falls into bed with Baekhyun, the seemingly carefree rich boy who has a cashmere sweater for every occasion, throws weekly parties for his rich friends, and never sleeps with the same person more than twice. Until Yixing.
    • more like, strangers to friends with benefits, to "oh shit, i'm falling for you", to lovers, this is like 70% smut but really good smut. baek's an idiot but yixing isn't better
  • if you want me, if i'm all that 21k, actor!yixing
    • On an unassuming summer's day, Byun Baekhyun hides a cute celebrity in the storage room of the convenience store he works at. The least the world could've done is given him a better outfit than a bright purple vest.
  • lost then found 34k, breaking up and making up, exboyfriends reuniting
    • Three years is plenty of time to get over someone, but when Yixing walks back into Baekhyun’s life, he realizes soon enough that maybe he’d never really gotten over Yixing at all.


  • hear them howl 30k, abo but not really, werewolves, witches, urban fantasy
    • Everybody expects Junmyeon to be a cat person --it’s probably the witch thing. Helping out a werewolf, though, will hopefully change their minds.


  • let's get lost 10k, fluff and angst, writer au
    • Baekhyun is a popular trashy erotica novelist and Minseok is his long-time editor. Minseok is very professional; Baekhyun is not.
    • cuuuuute, also hilarious
  • the power of attraction 38k, gym au, superpowers au, breaking up and making up, fluff and angst and smut
    • Baekhyun is tired of being the only person he knows that hasn't figured out his power yet. He is also tired of being the only single member of his group of friends. To cure his boredom and work out some steam, he enrolls in a local gym. There he meets Bubble Gum Guy, with hot pink hair and a body to die for, that might be the solution to both of his problems...


  • hungry heartbeats 17k, incubi au, breaking up and making up, fluff and smut and angst
    • Forty centuries of existence had left Minseok a little jaded and prone to bouts of unintentional starvation, until a steady source of sustenance crawled right into his lap.
  • pawssesion 144k, incubi au, catboy!jongdae, police/detective au, smut and fluff and angst, urban fantasy, read in 2019
    • Most cats are at least a little bit evil, but Chief Inspector Minseok's cat is actually a demon.
    • i decided to read this on a whim, but this might've been the most fun i had while reading a ff. it has kinda slow burn romance, kinky sex scenes, well written fights, jongdae is a catboy, like it's the whole package. and i really enjoyed that familiars and their masters can read each other's emotions, like i basically have an empath kink and this fic fulfills it lmao
  • keep running freedom is just around the corner 31k, superhero au, soulmates au, enemies to lovers
    • With people dying all around town Mach & Firestar have to team up together for the greater good. The general hope is that, with exposure, they'll overcome their mutual distaste and catch the bad guy. Also, they're soulmates. No big deal.
  • why is google telling me i'm a vampire? 7k, vampire au, college au, fluff
    • Or the “Five Times Jongdae Shows Clear Signs of Being a Vampire but Doesn’t Realize” it featuring “Nursing Student Kim Minseok Who is Exceptionally Baffled” and “Both of Them are Incredibly Blind to Each Other’s Feelings For Each Other” fan fiction that no one asked for but I saw this thing on Pinterest and I really liked the idea.
  • (para)normal activity 22k, college au, some fluff
    • Ghosts aren't real - that's something Jongdae is certain of. All he really cares about at the moment are his assignments and getting Baekhyun and Chanyeol to finally confess to each other. But his reasoning is put to the test when Chanyeol's extremely attractive neighbour appears to be haunted.
  • i'm sorry to be only human still being updated, past abuse, hybrid au, abuse recovery, hurt/comfort, slow burn, angst, fluff and smut
    • Jongdae, a stray cat hybrid who lives in an alley with his younger brother Jongin, hates humans. Until one day human Minseok finds him. Problems arise. This is a story about trust. To Jongdae, Minseok is warmth. To Minseok, Jongdae is music.
    • Funny how Minseok always tells him he doesn't need to apologize, yet Minseok is the one often apologizing for the things that do not actually need an apology.
    • this fic features the most anticipated title drop ever??? and i know it's very, veeeery long, but the drama after all those chapters is still engaging. i'm simply in awe how emotionally complex all of the characters are, how they start almost archetypical and then evolve, become real. so yeah, dae is a frustrating little shit but i've learned to love him, despite everything ♡♡♡
  • (re)discovering jongdae 251k, past abuse, slow burn, angst, hurt/comfort, fluff and smut, abuse recovery
    • After an abusive relationship destroys his sense of self, Jongdae doesn't really know who he is anymore. Minseok is willing to help him find out.
    • this is the hornier, and cat-less version of "i'm sorry to be only human".
  • when can i see you again still being updated time travel, angst
    • An immortal life is a boring when, but when a certain time traveller starts popping up every twenty years, Minseok finds his life becoming far more interesting. However, the gaps in between their meetings start to feel longer and emptier as he becomes more attached to the man who calls himself, "JD". Jongdae, meanwhile, just wants to get back to his own time, and is absolutely certain his immortal friend doesn't return his feelings.
    • listen, i used to be really into doctor who and this story gives off similar vibes?? kinda? idk, i like time travel fics, just go read it


  • tastes like magic 29k, soulmate au, red string of fate, friends to lovers, smut,
    • All Minseok wants is his red thread.
    • in other words, minseok has a nipple piercing and jongin's a fan


  • this golden cage of mine 42k, space au, royality au, arranged marriage, strangers to lovers, angst, smut, minor character death
    • Earth has been destroyed and with it the only home Minseok has ever known. A long journey leads him to a resettlement camp on the planet Evren and the promise of a new life, as long as he is willing to assimilate. When assimilation equates to an arranged marriage Minseok feels like he can't say no. What he doesn’t expect is to be married to a man who has been locked up for the majority of his life, a prince i, n a gilded cage.
    • this one's so good i legit couldn't find anything worth reading for like a week after finishing it
  • titanium 24k, action/adventure, fbi au, military au, 2019
    • Luhan is an enigma, but Minseok has secrets of his own.
    • after reading i felt like i watched a really good b class action movie
  • my ex followed me on instagram? idk what to do 8k, breaking up and making up, smut
  • try to remember(and if you remember then follow)60k, soulmates, reincarnation, alternate dimensions, angst, fated lovers
    • "It's only fair that I should chase you across ten, twenty-five, a hundred lifetimes until I find the one where you'll return to me."
    • "He asks his mom again that year, for the first time in a while, if she believes in soulmates. 'Is it possible that you could know someone before you even meet them?' he asks 'That you could be born knowing them?'"
    • possibly my fave xiuhan in existence


  • these hands not fit for holding 84k, a/b/o, alpha!chanyeol, omega!minseok, past mpreg, past abuse, angst, kid!sehun, kid!kyungsoo, read in 2019
    • It’s the scent that first attracts him, but it’s the person behind it that he falls in love with. Chanyeol soon finds out that love is not as simple as just falling into it. Or in which alpha!Chanyeol falls for unbonded omega!Minseok
    • chanyeol is such a fuckwit in the beginning, i swear, but he learns. if you even remotely like minseok you'll feel bad for him here, it's basically a shit show of bad things happening to him over and over, but then it gets better and he can finally be happy


  • the space between 46k, voyeurism, steam punk au, fantasy au, action/adventure, smut
    • Sehun is a young heir to an Executive-class family who inherits control of a factory. His bedroom has a large window that faces across an alleyway and right at a tenement for workers, and he soon notices the man who lives across from him is stunningly handsome, despite the fact that he’s always wearing his breathing mask and Sehun can only see his eyes.
    • this fic suprised me so much, i thought it would be all like "some capitalists are good people" but it went more in the direction of "some capitalists are good people but the system is inherently flawed and we need a revolution to fix it", and holy shit i love me some radicalism. plus it's in 50% a good smut, and it gets extra kudos for a ship with my two biases
  • sauvage 9k, retail au, smut, 2019
    • In which Minseok is ordinary, Sehun is beautiful and no one respects the sancity of paperwork.
    • if you've worked in retail, or in a shopping mall, you'll recognize the way these characters talk lmao
  • wash cycle (heavy load) 12k, sexual tension, roommates au, daddy kink, humor, daddy kink
    • There are rules for proper housemate etiquette and Sehun's pretty sure he's breaking all of them. On the plus side, Minseok doesn't seem to mind all the dildos he finds in the dishwasher.
    • this was the first daddy kink fic i genuinely enjoyed and finished, probably before because it's hilarious


  • forever(plural) 21k, hybrid au, past abuse
    • Sehun's not sure 'forever home' is a term that should have a plural, but that's where he is now. Forever home no.2.
  • oblivious 6k, crack and smut
    • You mean showering together, gratuitous cuddling, love confessions, and marriage proposals are not normal roommate behavior? Junmyeon respectfully disagrees.
  • moon and the stars (i'll ge them for you) 30k, sugar daddy, daddy kink, college au, making up and breaking up
    • When Junmyeon's ex-boyfriend signs him up to a website to find him a sugar daddy, Junmyeon is apprehensive. Baekhyun's judgment just happens to be cloudy at best. But Sehun makes him take it all back. This really was Baekhyun's best idea after all.
  • leverage 12k, sugar daddy but not really
    • Sehun acquires a sugar daddy, Junmyeon just wants to play with legos.


  • k.i.s.s (keep it simple, stupid) 27k, office au, pinning, fluff and angst
    • Sehun's the new guy in IT, and constantly having to fix the myriad tech issues of one Park Chanyeol. Kind of annoying, but mostly fine, until Sehun actually meets Chanyeol - because he isn't at all what Sehun was expecting.
  • i'd rather stay and burn than find a stray heart to love 8k, first love, childhood friends
    • And this Chanyeol thing, it doesn't make much sense, considering just how much Sehun likes girls
  • we just hit the lotto 17k, lotto au, mafia au, alternate reality
    • Sehun wakes up in a different reality.


  • a million dollars in silver 13k, cat hybrid!sehun, __actor!kyungsoo_
    • Famous Hollywood actor Kyungsoo finds his neighbor's spoiled cat on his back porch in the rain.



  • guns, knives and a whole lot of bad decisions 18k, mr and mrs smith au, smut
    • Junmyeon and Yifan hold each other at gunpoint - on the night of their sixth wedding anniversary.
  • demons aren't real (so what are you) 95k, demon au, horror au, soumate au, kid!tao, demon!yifan
    • Junmyeon should never have listened to his heart (but thank god he did.) The house is old, but the thing inside it is much, much older.
    • god I love kid fics



  • temptation and fate 65k, vampire au, werewolf au, polyamory, angst and fluff and smut, slow burn
    • A human, a vampire and a werewolf all walk into a diner at three o’clock in the morning --Baekhyun is still waiting for the punchline.
    • it's the perfect cbx ff. also jongdae is an empath and i think i discovered a new kink
  • sweetest lie 15k, MIB au, MAMA au, polyamory
    • “When we're kids, before we're taught how to think or what to believe, our hearts tell us there is something else out there.” - Laura, Men in Black II. AKA the MIB AU where Jongdae is an agent, Minseok is a detective, and Baekhyun is more than just the owner of a coffee shop.


  • mocha with a hint of stars 43k, polyamory, coffeeshop au, fluff and smut, 2019
    • If Sehun knew that walking into that coffee shop with Minseok one random day would lead them to the last, perfect piece to their little puzzle, he would’ve gone a hell of a lot sooner.
    • the fluffiest



  • it takes a village 44k, polyamory, single dad junmyeon, slice of life, post divorce
    • Six months post-divorce and into being a single father of five daughters, Junmyeon still hasn't figured it out. A couple moves in next door.


  • mouse trap 11k, hybrids, mouse hybrids!chanhun, smut
    • For some reason, when Baekhyun heard “mouse hybrid” he figured the tiny boys with giant pink ears would stay tiny. In which Baekhyun adopts mouse hybrids Chanyeol and Sehun who get a little bigger than he was expecting.
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