this list will be divided by members instead of ships, because otherwise i'd have to make a section for every minseok pairing in existence lmao. there's no member/oc or member/reader works here!


  • obedience, pleasure, shame 27k , ot4 , minseok/jongdae/baekhyun/junmyeon , dom!minseok , bdsm , pet play , master/pet , orgasm denial , watersports , cock cages , humiliation
    • Jongdae and Baekhyun are very excited to meet their new play mate- or rather, their new play thing.
    • watersports isn't that prominent here it's maybe in 3 scenes one of which is a drabble you can skip.
  • imperial claims 5k , omega!minseok , xiuhan , a/b/o , breeding , heat sex
    • Lu Han, an imperial prince, is to be married in three days’ time. It is unseemly that he should imprint on a random omega so close to the ceremony date.
    • i've read this some time ago but I still ...
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