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  • ronan lynch, the raven boys
  • rory gilmore, gilmore girls
  • theodore laurence, little women
  • arya stark, game of thrones
  • jason grace, heroes of olympus
  • chandler bing, friends
  • draco malfoy, harry potter
  • frenchie, the boys
  • robb stark, game of thrones
  • jake peralta, brooklyn nine-nine
  • sirius black, harry potter
  • peter parker, marvel
  • hermione granger, harry potter

characters i identify with

  • alex claremont-diaz, red white and royal blue
  • isak valtersen, skam
  • jo march, little women
  • stiles stilinski, teen wolf

comfort characters

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  • pride and prejudice, jane austen
  • harry potter and the order of phoenix, jk rowling
  • the great gatsby, f. scott fitzgerald
  • red, white and royal blue, casey mcquiston


  • dead poets society (1989)
  • nowhere boy (2009)
  • little women (2019)
  • october sky (1999)
  • palm springs (2020)
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“i’m not sure what i’ll do, but- well, i want to go places and see people. i want my mind to grow. i want to live where things happen on a big scale.” ― f. scott fitzgerald, the ice palace and other stories (1998)

“she says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars.” ― neil gaiman, stardust (2006)

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  • i want to know where do we go when nothing's wrong
  • and now i'm closing every door because i'm sick of wanting more, you were good to me
  • let's not call it love so i can't fuck it up with the thoughts in an empty room
  • i know it's burning but i won't let go
  • stay quiet, be my love / this silence fucks me up
  • life is a choice we make
  • but your face lit up in the moonlight when we both set fire to the skyline
  • i wonder, are we a work of art?
  • life would be so boring without you, i thought about it all last night
  • but oh, what a dream / if we could be subtle lovers / in the suburbs
  • a lake in the mountains could help me reset/ a sky full of stars/ heaven arranged us to be where we are
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morning things

  • alarm clock: waking up late, no makeup, coffee to wake you up, cold feet, falling back asleep when there’s a moment, cloudy skies, heavy eyelids


  • constellation: tangled earphones, oversized tee shirts, cold hands, self deprecating jokes, piles of books near their bed, chamomile tea, keeps a journal under the pillow, stargazing, fairy lights always on, long train rides, gives the best advice but never follows them

marauders era

  • remus lupin: earthy colours, unaware of their own strengths, lives for their loved ones, fears the dark, tries to make it better for others, old parchments, gives great advice, forgives too easily, lost in thought, d...
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