• the butterfly effect

Iwaizumi looked down at his hands, registering their small size for the first time, the small still-healing scrapes that had not been there previously, and the darker, tanned skin tone that had originally faded over the years from lack of sun exposure. He looked towards the school building, and the long, flowing white banner in the middle which proudly read “Congratulations to the volleyball team for making the 2004 Nationals!”. And then back towards Oikawa Tooru, who looked very much alive. Back towards the banner. 2004. A jubilant moving Oikawa. His small, child-like hands, what was going on, what was going on-

Or a Boku dake ga inai machi AU no one asked for.


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  • The Beauty of a Beast

Once upon a time a lonely beast lived in a manor deep in the forest. He dreamed of the day his true love appeared to break his curse... When a beauty finally appears in his life, it is not quite as he imagined. For who could have thought a beauty would be more of a beast.


The beauty and the beast AU nobody asked for but here it is.


  • a heart swelled to bursting

The summer training camp of Bakugou's second year at UA descends upon him with all the untamed fury of- well, himself, honestly.

PACKING CHECKLIST: ✓boyfriend (need to figure out how much he's willing to let him get away with) ✓people who claim to ...

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  • i have stories. i have scars

“maybe your scars are on the inside.”

au where only your soulmate can kiss your scars goodbye.


  • Canvas

Park Jimin needs money to go to a dance competition, Kim Taehyung needs a model to help him with his upcoming art exhibition. Between classical music, jars of paint and flourishing feelings, together they make art.


  • we promised the world we’d tame it

taehyung, still shaken from a bad break up, undergoes test trials for a new drug and struggles to come to terms with its side effects.

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  • across the sky, in stars

Jimin writes stories about a person who’s still stuck in the past; someone who won’t be able to read any of them, anyway.


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  • cruel summer

Once upon a time, a very pretty boy with a penchant for hiding behind a camera lens sneaks out to a ball for the evening. A very pretty prince who looks like an angel and grins like the devil walks up and says hello.

And they lived happily ever after.

(Moonlit secret gardens, a rainbow of flowers in the dark night, sneaking in through the garden gate. Taehyung accosting Jeongguk on the stairs, strong hands gripping his hips and warm lips pressing kisses to his neck. Hydrangeas and daisies and hyacinths and cockleshells.

Oh, Jeongguk thinks, head going cloudy in a wanderlusty haze. Oh yeah, you're right, I want it.)


  • always meant to be; destiny
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  • 384.400 km

— this is probably the most astounding piece of news we've ever shared, but it appears, ladies and gentlemen, it appears, yes, that our moon is gone.


  • one blue flower and blue dreams

“I wrote you a song,” Yoongi says softly, quietly.

Jeongguk breathes it in, surrounded by the night. For the first time he allows himself to feel truly safe.

In this lifetime, Jeongguk can only sing it once.

But Jin hears it a million times.

[or hyyh!yoonkook angst]


  • Sneeze once; I hate you. Sneeze twice; we're doomed.
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  • muscle memory

"You look at me, and I forget my world... I'm not sure that I can go back now... I can't wait to love you."


The heart never forgets.

(AU where Jeongguk's life starts just when Jimin's seems to stop)


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  • Weird science

"He can't be your boyfriend Yeonjun; You made him up."


Yeonjun is an artist who is stuck, and, in an exercise to reignite his creative flame, he accidentally brings a boy to life.


  • a little faith

Living your best life is hard enough when you have to juggle college, dance, and a full-time relationship. Having your boyfriend’s childhood bestie come back and try to steal your man just makes it that much worse.


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  • Safety Precautions

Choi Beomgyu is a famous idol and Soobin is his bodyguard who is very much in love with him.


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  • my world starts and ends with you

Bright-eyed Beomgyu is young, yet to see how this world is not as rosy hued as he thought. Yeonjun grows up in a rougher part, only knowing how to answer with his knuckles and sarcastic words.

When they collide with each other, they forget where their worlds started and ended.


  • i only want you next to me, sweet love

Yeonjun’s hand slowly brushes through his hair and then it makes its way to cup his cheek and Beomgyu just about melts.

“Hi, baby,” Yeonjun giggles softly, rubbing his thumb over Beomgyu’s cheekbone. He leans forward and leaves a soft kiss on Beomgyu’s forehead.

Beomgyu cracks open his eyes, looking up at Yeonjun through his lashes. “Where d...

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