• my world starts and ends with you

Bright-eyed Beomgyu is young, yet to see how this world is not as rosy hued as he thought. Yeonjun grows up in a rougher part, only knowing how to answer with his knuckles and sarcastic words.

When they collide with each other, they forget where their worlds started and ended.


  • i only want you next to me, sweet love

Yeonjun’s hand slowly brushes through his hair and then it makes its way to cup his cheek and Beomgyu just about melts.

“Hi, baby,” Yeonjun giggles softly, rubbing his thumb over Beomgyu’s cheekbone. He leans forward and leaves a soft kiss on Beomgyu’s forehead.

Beomgyu cracks open his eyes, looking up at Yeonjun through his lashes. “Where did you go today?”


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