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  • ✧✧ must read


  • fbi!au ✧✧
    • mark is an fbi agent who just wants to do his job but lucas makes it too unbearable for him until finally he snapped and chaos ensues
    • crackhead!au (?)
    • memorable masterpiece
  • florist!au ✧✧
    • lucas placed a custom online order weekly to a local florist shop for his crush whos known to be a flower enthusiast, not knowing that he basically order his own crush to make his own bouquet and send it to him
    • florist!mark, language of flowers, angst !!!
    • beautiful
  • frat!au
    • mark who seemingly lived his first year in college peacefully with little to no friend think its fine, but yeri strongly disagree. to change that, she brings him to a frat party and sign him up for a formal rush without his knowing. what happened next?
    • t/w: mentions of alcohol, abuse!!
  • idol!au
    • famous idol mark lee barely escapes an attempt at kidnapping and might need a body guard
    • idol!mark and body guard!lucas
    • slight angst
  • college!au
    • lucas is a dumb spoiled student who is desperate for help and the genius mark lee, who is broke, offers just what lucas needs
  • college!au
    • mark just made the biggest most stupid mistake of his life, but hey! how bad can it be when you just accidentally sent your ‘private’ pictures to a stranger? or is it really, a stranger that is on the other side of the screen?
    • rick/popular kid!lucas


  • poet!au ✧✧
    • taeyong suffers from sporadic fatal insomnia. jaehyun is a poet who provide solace for those who lie awake every night. where as kind and as cruel the universe can be, they found a way to meet.
    • angst
  • social worker!au ✧✧
    • 2021, a few years after graduating, taeyong works as a prison social worker which where he didnt expect to be reunited with an old aquaintance
    • social worker!taeyong meets prisoner!jaehyun
    • angst !!!!
  • travesty
    • where in there is a system that contacts you on your death day to give people one last chance at freedom. jaehyun and taeyong are falling in death and love
    • angst
    • i recommend reading the sequel cathartic which is a luwoo au
  • cuddle!au
    • jaehyun gets paid to cuddle strangers and taeyong reduces stress at uni with physical affection
    • fluff
  • college!au
    • in which jaehyun's friend lucas posts a pic of taeyong and mark online and the odds might be in jaehyun's hands after all


  • youtuber!au
    • where yuta is a popular youtuber who recently hit 3 million subscribers. as a thank you gift, he makes a video where he pretends to be a fan account to interact with his fans, but what happens when he recognizes one of them as his high school crush & best friend?


  • parallel universe!au
    • mark is a lonely scientist and donghyuck is his internet friend. the catch? they’re in different universes
  • burger king!au
    • donghyuck, son of the ceo of burger king, must do whatever it takes to clean up the mess caused by 4channer, and burger king employee, mark


  • conspiracy!au
    • renjun is a conspiracy theorist trying to deduct unsolved theories and cases about aliens and donghyuck is his sidekick, who is an alien
    • mentions of some buzzfeed unsolved cases


  • college!au ongoing(?)
    • doyoung’s pining over his best friend but jaehyun has always been slow to read the signs
    • enemies to friends to lovers-ish


  • idol!au
    • lucas and jungwoo are idols in the same famous group, and their fans obsessively ship them without realising that in reality they can't stand each other
    • lots of memes
  • luwoo au which was similar to your name anime but i can't find the link oof
  • sleep messaging center!au
    • where lucas can't sleep so he messages a center who helps people with their sleeping problems and jungwoo happens to work there
  • youtuber!au
    • lucas is a commentary youtuber who makes videos about jungwoo and his friends, jungwoo is a story time youtuber who is getting sick of the “hate” but what will happen when they finally meet?
  • college!au
    • both start attending to the same uni and accidentally meet in the first day, leading them to a series of misfortunes. what's the reason behind it?
  • cathartic ongoing (?)
    • yukhei works at the famous company deathcast, and he refuses to tell jungwoo that he will die today. but he can't outrun death
    • sequel to jaeyong!au travesty


  • ghostbusting!au
    • where ten hires begonedemonz to get rid of the ghost he thinks is living in his apartment
    • ft. markhyuck & jaeyong


  • airdrop!au
    • jeno randomly airdrops memes to a stranger in a cafe, realizing it’s to the cute boy he’s been admiring from afar


  • imessage!au
    • jisung got a strange text message from a strange number and what about to happen next will be even stranger
    • t/w: mentions of death


  • horror!au ✧✧
    • taeyong goes missing and his friends are receiving taeyong's texts, is that really him?
  • simon says!au
    • jaehyun wakes up in a house under the command of simon with 9 other people. he learns to trust, hate and even kill. how will he survive?
  • truth or dare!au
    • taeyong keeps receiving dm messages to choose between truth or dare till he givves in and turns out he's not the only one receiving those messages and one by one strange things keep happening. who is behind all of this?
    • based on the movie truth or dare
  • nct dream!au
    • the dreamies all attend the same school yet don’t know each other, discover that all their dreams are connected, and every dream ends with someone dying for an unknown reason.


  • nct!au
    • where there's a roach in the nct dorm
  • nct!au
    • where jungwoo is replaced with a rat and seeks revenge
  • nct!au
    • where nct debates whether the earth is flat
  • kpop!au
    • where got7 and nct fight on twitter
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