• if you hate any haikyuu character we can't be friends i mean what kind of monster are you
  • i love every hq team but i mean... shiratorizawa <3
  • i'd also die for dateko
  • mirai trunks was my first ever anime crush when i was like 4 and to this day he's still the loml (among like 38 other 2D men)
  • kakashi. do i really have to add anything?
  • ushijima wakatoshi can have all my uwu he's my ultimate favorite character but i guess you know it damn well if we've been mutuals for a while
  • if we just met well hello i hope you don't mind seeing him all day long in your tl because of me
  • i stan bts and i have a kpop stan acc but it's basically dead
  • don't hesitate to dm if you want to scream about literally anything
  • if you're a milk hater what are you even doing with your life
  • mob is my son
  • i dcnkjbdqbckd a lot
feb 20 2019 ∞
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