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i made this in 2017 and it's been chillin for 2 yrs so i figured i'd do smthn with it lol

dovah follows:


  • video games are fun but i'm not good at them but that's okay
  • my faves are overwatch, stardew valley, half-life 2, the elder scrolls v: skyrim, pokemon black, animal crossing: wild world, and obviously minecraft


  • i main genji even though i'm TRASH at him LOL but i have fun and that's all that matters!!!!!!!!!
  • i do.. idk the word. flex? i can play whatever the team needs
  • i'm pretty good at sym but that's IT
  • nah lol i play support a lot, mercy and lucio and zen
  • for tank i usually go winston or dva, i SUCK at rein and zarya
  • dps.. yikes. kinda good at pharah, kinda good at mccree, kinda good at mei
  • i can play widow + hanzo but only on good days... sometimes u pop off and other days u just kinda.. miss
  • literally suck at soldier idk why he's like designed to be easy
  • archives is my fav event
  • play on xbox one

Stardew Valley

  • actually in love with this game
  • maybe my fav
  • fav bachlor/ettes are alex, elliot, emily, and leah
  • mining scares me
  • i always name my animals dumb stuff
  • me and my pal play on a multiplayer farm together and we have such a good time even though he BLEW UP OUR FURNACES WITH A BOMB i don't wanna talk about it
  • play on pc & xbox one

Half-Life 2

  • lowkey don't have anything to say it's just a fun game lol
  • rlly bad at it but it's all good my guy
  • v fun to blow up barrels
  • headcrabs freak me out
  • play on pc


  • game that introduced me into console gaming
  • in my main game i'm a khajiit
  • sneaky archer..... the best class
  • my follower is kharjo because i LOVE him he is so silly
  • married some guy from the college of winterhold idk
  • my fav questline is probably the dark brotherhood
  • i have all the dlcs heck yea
  • solitude is my fav city but i think markarth is growing on me
  • that was a joke i HATE markarth
  • permanent heart eyes for brynjolf
  • play on pc and xbox 360

Pokemon Black

  • bought it when i was.. 14 or smthn lol
  • saved up all my money and bought it for myself as a christmas present... greedy? kinda. do i regret it? no
  • countless hours spent hiding in my room progressing through routes like it was NOBODY'S business
  • so far my fav pokemon is roggenrola.. i adore them!!! mine's nicknamed casserole and he carries my team
  • another fav is my herdier terri, who is v good at everything and intimidates all my enemies
  • driftveil city's music SLAPS
  • honestly makes me wish i'd played some pokemon games sooner
  • play on dsi

Animal Crossing

  • I LOVE CUBE!!!
  • everyone who works in the museum is precious too.. my favs
  • i just forage all the time i'm so bad at fishing. catching bugs is fun tho
  • play on dsi


  • fam i've been playing this since 2011
  • play on peaceful mode a lot because it is a nice experience and v tranquil
  • even tho i've been playing for 8 years i've never killed the ender dragon without cheats... i'm working on it ok
  • play on pc & xbox 360, but i used to play on pocket edition on my kindle fire back in middle school (':
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