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  • main subjects
    • animes, tv shows, mangas, books, games and kpop.
    • animangas
      • one piece, tokyo ghoul, tokyo revengers, naruto, kimetsu no yaina, a lot of manhwas isekais, suddenly became a princess one day and death note.
    • games
      • genshin impact, ace attorney, danganronpa, little nightmares, death stranding, the last of us, hello charlotte and a lot of rpg/indie games!
    • doramas
      • goblin, chief kim, chicago typewriter, mr.sunshine, confession, extraordinary you, hospital playlist and be melodramatic
    • kpop
      • bts [only vminkook], baekhyun and sometimes seventeen.
    • movies
      • pride and prejudice, black swan, the hateful eight, joker, dead poets society, batman: the dark knight, call me by your name, perfect blue, us, the devil all the time and spiderverse.
    • tv shows
      • glee, the office, skam france, brooklyn 99, euphoria, modern gamily and good omens.
    • books
      • ari and dante, the song of achilles, red white & royal blue, percy jackson, harry potter and carry on.
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