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  • hello! My name is alex (19) but you can call me will or lu! I'm nb and I use he/they pronouns only. I'm okay with gendered terms!
    • Hufflepuff, enfp and chaotic neutral?!. likes to read, gaming, learning new things, being with my friends, tattoos, skincare, cute things (sometimes I can really like gore and sometimes I go to a Nintendo girl vibes there's no between)
  • importat byf. I do kms/kys jokes, I'm spoiler free. no tone indicators unless you ask! I like ships (especially in genshin like xiaoventi) and I read fanfics about bts ships too!
  • dfi fit basic dfi criteria! you're a minor. don't support hesbians and theysbians. you invalidate nb. sb to break the mutual. you can follow me if we don't share interests! TW: self harm, suicide, rape and animal abuse.
nov 7 2020 ∞
dec 14 2021 +