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i am the duck in the picture. just here, vibing.
i’m also edward elric falling down the stairs when he gets to north city. i am edward elric in general. small and ready to fight.

  • please stay away if you fit the "do not interact" basic criteria. you know what it is. be a decent human being
  • i won't follow anyone under 18/who doesn't have age in bio/carrd
  • if you have carrd and you use those fancy ass fonts i can't read them. i am an android
  • about tags (1): i try to tag the most common triggers but please let me know if there's anything specific you need tagged. i will do my best to keep it in mind
  • about tags (2): i won't tag my interests
  • i only use she/her for arashi narukami
  • i like 1st/3rd year (and 2nd year/grad) ships
  • i won't tolerate any kind of harassment. if you support/engage in it, i will block you immediately
  • that being said, i do not care about whatever problematic content people are into. if something makes me uncomfortable i will use the block/mute buttons accordingly
  • direct messages exist for a reason. do not tag me under callout posts telling me to unfollow someone
  • respect artists/writers. do not repost fanart or plagiarize works
jan 16 2021 ∞
feb 15 2021 +