i saw

    • that i picked up my phone automatically a few times before realising it was turned off
    • that i was a bit anxious eight or nine hours into the experiment because my mind was wandering a bit too much and dwelling on things i usually wouldn't let it dwell on by using my phone as a distraction
    • that i managed to calm down by doing breathing exercises and focusing on nicer things

i think

    • that i can and should handle my anxiety without using my phone because my phone isn't helping, it's just distracting me by throwing more things to worry about on top of what's already worrying me
    • that i don't need my phone to make an experience count: i don't need to share it on social media to make it real

i feel

    • that there are times when having my phone on hand really isn't necessary: when i'm eating, when i'm reading, when i'm watching a movie, when i'm with friends or family, etc

i wonder

    • if i could go longer than 24 hours without my phone

the hardest part was

    • the anxiety i mentioned earlier
    • being around people who were on their phone all the time

the best part was

    • watching a whole movie at home without checking my phone once, i was focused for once
    • getting a lot of reading done

what surprised me was

    • that after the first hour or so i could go on with my day without picking up my phone or thinking about it (except for that period of anxiety where i had to fight the urge to turn it back on)

i learned from the trial that

    • i can live without my phone
    • people spending all their time with you on their phone instead of talking to you is an annoying and, let's be real, kind of rude behaviour (i already knew that but it was even more obvious when i couldn't just take my phone out as well)
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