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*sleeps to avoid my problems* *wakes up and my problems are still there* what the fuck actually

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TYPOLOGY: intp 9w1 6w5 4w3 sp/so ili melancholic-phlegmatic chaotic neutral

for the extended byf, i'm very rt heavy! please turn off rt's for me if you'd like, though most of my tweets are simply me analyzing some characters or gushing over them.

i'm critical of my interests, if that should still be mentioned. but i don't try to clog the tl with rants about those.

i have a lot of terms related to enstars muted since majority of the fandom likes to spread random discourse. but i will still talk a lot about light music club since they are my comfort characters.

adding to that, i might not follow back if our only similar interest is enstars and we don't have shared mutuals if you followed me first.

if i do anything that makes you uncomfortable please say so! as well as if i am following someone suspicious/problematic. though i'd rather if you tell me about them and the reason why they're considered problematic.

dec 7 2020 ∞
jun 8 2021 +