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  • spent the first day of the year with my favorite absurdist, daniel
  • catching up with nina & janine in our local coffee shop, talked about activism & humanity
  • started listening to Handsome Girl, Cheats, Grrrl Gang, The Greeting Committee, Bedchamber & Ruru
  • went out for pizza with camille, pat and kath (favorite psych friends)
  • game nights with significant other


  • playing with lucy & shane at training
  • got a positive feedback from a mentor, teacher cha's reminders in our field
  • the laughter & hugs of the children in the center
  • got my first bruises from a kid!
  • rosemary & thyme with SO and friends, met axel, carl, ivan, jasmine
  • watched Philippines and Belgium's pyromusical performance! got bit of emotional
  • mom's birthday celebration


  • attended Angels Walk for Autism 2019
  • cams, pat & kath at caffeine district, full of laughters & stories
  • went to an art gallery after a very long time, checked out Joey Ofludor's Concutio at Sining Kamalig
  • walked around clark & checked some vintage stuff with SO, had dinner with cj (I missed him!) & dropped by ayne's workplace to say hi
  • met jaja for dinner, it turns out it's the birthday celebration of jacob (jaja left that part out knowing im shy & 100% will not come). hangout with feu 2013 batch (jaja, jean, nics, thel, miles, nica, joice, jacob, baula, migs, janus) after 5 years. had so much fun, will definitely hangout with them again
  • met Daniel's mom, who is really sweet & nice. had dinner at xtremely xpresso while watching pyromusical
  • coffee project with pat, talked about our worries & frustrations, ranted & laughed a lot, unplanned sleep over


  • criszha's graduation
  • hangout in pampanga wih family
  • visited pinto art with janine, fun day going around the galleries, Mindanao collection is beautiful, fun day
  • hike mt. balagbag with janine & angel, breathless cause of this unhealthy shell of mine, more of a reality slap that I need to start eating healthy, reached the summit, was really happy about it, tiring but would love to do it all over again
  • overnight with angel & janine, lots of pizza & chicken, cats cats cats
  • lunch with nina, angel & janine, got to catch up with each other
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