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  • you exist too much — zaina arafat
    • “I remember. perhaps because I want to. I can just as easily forget when I want.”


  • tuesday mooney talks to ghosts — kate racculia
    • “all relationships are real,’ said tuesday. “friendship can be as deep as the ocean. it’s all a kind of love and love isn’t any one kind of thing.”
  • darius the great is not okay — adib horram ♡
    • “you’re the only person who never wanted me to change.”
  • much ado about you — samantha young ♡
    • ”although she’d hurt me over the years, I knew she was a good person, I would always love her, and I would always forgive her. she was my mom.”


  • smoke gets in your eyes & other lessons from the crematory — caitlin doughty ◇ ♡
    • "it is never too early to start thinking about your own death and the deaths of those you love. i don't mean thinking about death in obsessive loops...but rational interaction, that ends with you realizing that you will survive the worst, whatever that may be."
  • cultish: the language of fanaticism — amanda montell ◇
    • "by nature, people are adverse to such high levels of internal conflict. in states of bamboolzement, we defer to authority figures to tell us what's true and what we need to do to feel safe."
  • the ocean at the end of the lane — neil gaiman
    • "i liked myths. they weren't adult stories. they weren't children's stories. they just were. adult stories never made sense, and they were so slow to start. they made me feel like there were secrets. masonic, mythic secrets to adulthood."


  • a pho love story — lang le
    • "there’s so much in your life that you can’t maybe you can use this chance to do something for yourself."
  • slade house — david mitchell ♡
    • "people are masks, with masks under those masks, and masks under those, and down you go."
  • norse mythology — neil gaiman ♡
    • "loki was not evil, although he was certainly not a force for good. loki was...complicated"
  • bloom — kevin panetta
    • "maybe just...don't try to be what you think you should be. be what you love."
  • death of a salesman — arthur miller
    • (read for school)
  • percy jackson and the olympians: the lightning thief — rick riordan
    • "it's funny how humans can wrap their mind around things and fit them into their version of reality."
  • percy jackson and the olympians: the sea of monsters — rick riordan
    • "my fatal flaw. that's what the Sirens showed me. My fatal flaw is hubris...hubris means deadly pride, Percy. thinking you can do things better than anyone else... Even the gods.”
  • percy jackson and the olympians: the titan's curse — rick riordan
    • "green grass breaks through snow. Artemis pleads for my help. I am so cool.”


  • the bluest eye — toni morrison
    • (read for school)
  • smash it! — francina simone
  • percy jackson and the olympians: the battle of labyrinth — rick riordan
    • "when you break a person, he can't be fixed."
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