... basics

sabrina, april 3th, 2001. aries *capricorn rising & leo moon*, istp, lesbian. sensitive, reserved, moody, self-conscious, vulnerable and melancholic... targaryen house, sometimes a half lannister & slytherin.

... plus

mostly hate psychological and food disorders, sexism, religious and racial intolerance, rude/mean people, men, body-shaming and racism. really love fashion, my girlfriend, music & dance, colorful skies, summer, frida kahlo, cloudy days, bands, beach, kindness, silence, flowers, junkfood, basically everything related to art. dislike pessimism, pressure, noise, distance, winter, lies, being ignored, people in general, negativity, responsabilities, ingratitude, egoism.

dec 9 2017 ∞
jan 6 2019 +