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An easy link profile so that people can decide if I'm their cuppa.

Feathery follows:
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  • Critical Role
  • Dragon Age
  • Due South
  • Final Fantasy
  • Flight Rising
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Heroes of Might and Magic
  • Legend of Dragoon
  • Mass Effect
  • Mummies Alive!
  • Myst
  • Pokemon
  • Red Dwarf
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena / SKU
  • Sailor Moon
  • Sim City 4
  • SOMA
  • Suikoden
  • Warframe
  • Wild Arms
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  • Art Tag: feathery artses
  • Chatting Tag: feathery talks
  • Wassailing Tags: ws: [character name, story segment, etc.] Example: 'ws: nauss' would be all posts with Nayit Nauss.
  • Others' Art: cool art
  • Others' Writeups: a good read
  • Pillowfort-related: Pillowfort, Pfio
  • Feel free to ask for additional tags!
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  • Please always feel free to poke about art things! If we've been doing art trades or requests etc. and I'm ever afk here, you can email me over here:
  • I use photoshop and krita with a Huion tablet as well as an Intuos 4, depending on the piece Most art is done with a brush that's hard edge on one side and smooth on the other, from Mr. Jack's brush packs, and I can't function without it hahaha
  • Commissions are closed unless it's for charity events and the like! I'm a gay disaster, I don't manage time well enough to do commissions
  • Requests are almost always open, though I can't guarantee anything. Prompts and stuff are fun, but I mostly love doing people's OCs or their Inquisitors etc. I especially love drawing wlw content and Fantasy Armour/.PSD FIle is my OTP
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  • In case any shared sites go down!
  • Gmail:
  • Discord: Featherycats#6899 (Please note I'm fine with friends adding for just-in-cases, but I don't 'chat' much as I like to have some time to think about what to say before saying it, so instant chats aren't so helpful.)
  • Twitter: Soon(tm)
  • Instagram: Soon(tm)
  • Blog:
  • Wysp:
  • Swarmr:
  • Dreamwidth:
  • Flight Rising: Featherycats #47351
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  • WASSAILING is my personal universe/story/comic/writing/music/etc. It's a mishmash of my own lived experiences, explorations of my own and my family's history and mythology, and generally the world I 'live' in more than the real world most of the time, to be frank! It's what I work on 99% of the time and I put up a community so that sketches/rambles don't flood my blog. Feel free to check it out, but a gentle reminder that it's intensely personal and has been a therapy tool since my teens, and so it's not meant as a marketable thing.
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  • Mid-to-late 30s
  • Stone Dyke
  • Intersex
  • They/Them
  • Biracial
  • Canadian
  • Spiritual/ "Animist"
  • English, some fractured French
  • NDP Socialist Caucus (not my specific views, closest vote-able though!)
  • Legally Disabled
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  • I neither judge nor care about the material people post, as long as it's legal wherever they live and is not hate speech. My only request is to please be mindful and tag!
  • For the most part, I don't do "discourse" and find heated discussions benefit no one and stress out everyone. Conversations one on one (or small, trusted groups) where each party is open to the discussion are the only place I found "discourse" having valuable impact.
  • No interaction with people under 18 or so, except in Community spaces. It's half a want to stay out of younger folks' hair, and half that my social spaces offline are almost all 55+ so I miss a lot of social cues from younger circles and don't want to misstep!
  • Your Kink is not My Kink and That's Okay. Especially because I love romance but di...
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