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  • ''i ask for no forgiveness, father, for i have not sinned. i have only done what i needed to do to survive. a small boy once asked me if i was a bad man; if i could answer him now, i would tell him, that when i was a young boy, i killed a man to save my brothers life. i am not sorry for this, i am proud of this. i did not ask for the life that i was given. but it was given nonetheless. and with it i did my best.'' mr. eko
  • ''#5: the first time i heard myself on the radio #4: dad teaching me to swim at butlins #3: the christmas liam gave me the ring #2: woman outside covent garden calls me a hero #1: the night i met you'' charlie
  • "can i ask you a question?" "i'm a pisces, john" ben
  • ''i do remember what i said. the promise... to protect her. if i'da done that... even if i didn't make it... you wouldn't h..._spike_
nov 7 2016 ∞
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  • watership down by richard adams sawyer
  • a wrinkle in time sawyer
  • walker percy's lancelot sawyer
  • of mouse and men by jhon steinbeck sawyer
  • laughter in the dark hurley
  • turn of the screw by henry james
  • catch-22 (novel) naomi's backpack
  • evil under the sun sawyer
  • the fountainhead sawyer
  • laughter in the dark sawyer
  • a brief history of time aldo
  • carrie "the others" book club
  • our mutual friend desmond
  • are you there, god? it's me, margaret sawyer
  • the brothers karamazov from locke to ben
  • bad twin sawyer
  • an occurrence at owl creek bridge
  • the third policeman desmond
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