• My tights make me need to pee
  • The hot tub isn't hot enough, so I had to go to the farther hot tub
  • I burned my fingers on cinnamon rolls
  • my phone wants to install an update- last time it was such a pain in the ass, all my pics disappeared, all my music was gone, and I had to re-merge contacts, and re-sign into everything!
  • I sent my evite, and got too many autoresponders in return!!
  • Aww, they brought white cake for cake friday....
  • Issues securing testosterone for your gender-switch.
  • I'm getting a chair from the University for my year of service, and I have nowhere to put it.
  • Oh man! My Charleston Chew melted all over my favorite Wonder Woman purse!!
may 23 2011 ∞
jul 30 2011 +