• They have a pretty flag- Don't get me wrong, I love our stars and stripes. Quite partial to them, in fact. But I think the aesthetically pleasing award goes to the simple red maple leaf. It must have been much easier to draw in grade school than trying to cram all those stars in that tiny little box.
  • Mounties. Mounties are way cooler than cops.
  • Hockey. I love me some Sharks, but Americans (at least west coast Americans) don't seem to get the whole "beat them to a bloody pulp, then glide over the ice and deliver a pretty shot" mentality.
  • Canadian bacon. On top of my eggs benedict. mmmmmm. Now I'm hungry.
  • Ketchup with mac and cheese! Why haven't we caught on to this delicious treat yet?! I however REFUSE to call it Kraft Dinner. It's mac and cheese, dammit.
  • Eh. I say it, I love it. I always wonder if I'm using it in the proper connotations though. Let's go to the movies, eh? Tell me if that's right, my Canadian Buddies?
  • Which leads me to my next one, Canadians are so damned nice! Do they give you guys civility class in grade school while we are learning dodgeball? Do you not have gridlock traffic? Is the coffee milder? I dunno what it is, but I love it.
  • Michael J. Fox. I *heart* him. Can we steal him and Alex Trebek, and give you Celine Dion back?

She scares me.

  • Bare Naked Ladies- In addition to the kick-ass band name, "If I Had a Million Dollars, "What a Good Boy" plus songs about chimpanzees who stalk by mail. It doesn't get any better for Canadian stuff... except...
  • Kids in the Hall- 30 Helens agree, KITH is ridiculously funny. From Where is Tony? to Slipped My Mind to Crushing Your Head. SNL got old before I was born, Mad TV is often times NOT funny, In Living Color was too short lived, but Kids in the Hall is my all time favorite sketch comedy (sorry, Li!)
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user picture jen: I love this list! Canadians are great, aren't they. may 12 2011
user picture MiniBunny1: If you like Canadian food, you should try Quebec's poutine! And thanks for thinking we're nice ;) may 18 2011