• D.S.D.- Originated by Antoine Dodson. Stands for "Dumb, so dumb." Applied to situations that one cannot explain away with logic.
  • Be Vegan- To use the ladies room. From "I need to go pee again.""You need to be vegan?"
  • iCats- Staci, backwards
  • hipstercrite- a hipster who makes fun of hipsters
  • FLR- Filthy Little Residents, or Field List Report
  • RFD- Really fucking drunk
  • FTLOG- For the Love of God.
  • T-shirt Bitching- Complaining about really dumb things
  • Blomp- (Lucy) a little dollop of something
  • Baditudinal- (Sahar) possessing a bad attitude
  • Yigh or a Sawn- a mix between a Sigh and a yawn
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