i get Emo™ at 1-4am on some days and accidentally attach songs to ships. it is a recurring theme. here they are.

pair / artist - song name & some notes.

↳ soonwoochan / honne - someone that loves you

  • "don't touch me / i want you / not allowed to / you have someone that loves you" plus soonchan at isac with chan and his extra shiny eyes (looking so lovingly at soonyoung! impt detail) wrecked me at 4am. i think this is THE polyamory negotation theme song.

↳ boohoon / max - blueberry eyes

  • "i'm running through my dreams to / see you in the la la la light" i just think boohoon is such a tender ship...also the lyrics remind me of something jihoon Would Definitely Write For A Love Song

↳ soonwoo / honne - warm on a cold night

  • i saw pics of soonwoo waking up together and my useless brain helpfully suggested that i go listen to this song again. "like a rabbit in the headlights / they're stunned by all your charm / and i feel so damn lucky / to have you on my arm" also at this point it is my life mission to make soonyoung listen to these honne songs.

↳ (lagb) jigyu / honne - coastal love

  • ok so this is a little more specific because i thought about an iteration of jigyu that is found in literary media but! "see i'm a dreamer / oh for love is all in the name / i'm a believer / you may be far away but you're thinking the same" yeah...yeah ok i'm passing out...
sep 18 2020 ∞
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