in emerald shades 'neath canopies concealed

enchantments whispered to the wind's care

guides forlorn souls to a woodland rare

a winding path towards a realm unsealed

beneath the verdant, a child fair and bright

wandered to the woods with a wooden steed

ingenuously waltzing to nature's sweet lead

gilded locks framing innocence from the sunlight

when from the sylvan quiet, a vision manifests

upon an alabaster steed, in grace and poise

elegance bedecked, a spectral encore employs

a matronly mirage, appears noble and blessed

in such gentle wisdom her prophecy unfurls

ephemeral counsel, a solemn yet true decree

"cherish this moment, wish not for eternity

for life's fleeting whispers are but echoes dispersed"


jan 10 2024 ∞
jan 11 2024 +