a flutter upon the sill, at dawn's soft sigh

a robin, gentle harbinger of morn's embrace

in whispered notes, its melody did trace

to wake the slumbered maiden's dreaming eye

with wings of dawn and spurs well high

the robin weaves its ariose tune with grace

and by a dawnlit choir in a homespun place

the girl enlivens with a newfound spry

oh, songbird perched 'neath heaven's sky

your melody spoors the most tender trace

unfolds her dreams, imbues the space

in dawn's soft glow her heart takes flight

the maiden’s spirits in soft, guileless reply

enkindles hopes that new tales might proface

the trills twirled mid-air in hopes to unlace

her lace-woven daydreams to revivify


jan 10 2024 ∞
jan 11 2024 +