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"After get used to people disappearing. You stop questioning it completely."

Iggy (Robin) follows:
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Hello there! I'm Ignace (I also go by Robin though!)

  • I use he/him pronouns
  • I'm trans and gay!
  • I'm a minor.
  • I am mentally ill, however I try to avoid openly bringing it up on any of my main accounts.
  • I have three birds who I love dearly!
  • My favorite animal is a fish...
  • I really do enjoy talking to people, however I'm pretty bad at socializing, and my anxiety makes it hard to reply sometimes!
  • I apologize if I come off as cold or insensitive at any times. I really don't mean to!
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Deviantart: Glasfische

Art Tumblr: Glasfische

Main Tumblr: Flowingrunes

Twitter: FlowingRunes

Art Twitter: Glasfische

Personal Twitter: holyharmonia

Discord: Mutuals May Ask.

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Major interests.

  • **Suikoden (1-4 + Gaiden)

(Favorite games in order are 3>4=gaiden>1>2)

  • *Alliance Alive
  • *Legend of Legacy
  • Kaiba
  • Fantasy Life
  • Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light

Other Interests

  • BanG Dream!
  • Bravely Series
  • Fire Emblem
  • Fate: Grand Order
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(These moreso help me maintain a stable sense of self rather than anything else. I understand the concept may seem silly but it does truly help me cope with certain (mostly identity related) issues.)

Primary Kin

  • Sasarai (Suikoden 2/3)
  • Sarah (Suikoden 3)
  • Azura (Alliance Alive)

(Other) Kin.

  • Lilith (Legend of Legacy)
  • Bianca (Legend of Legacy)
  • Eloise (Legend of Legacy)
  • Amelius(Legend of Legacy)
  • Cherubim(Legend of Legacy)
  • Ignace(Alliance Alive)
  • Charlotte (Alliance Alive)
  • Ted (Suikoden 1/4)
  • Flik (Suikoden 1/2)
  • Riou(Suikoden 2)
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