"do you blame Shakespeare for any of it?” the question is so unlikely, so nonsensical coming from such a sensible man, that i can't suppress a smile. “i blame him for all of it,” i say." - if we were villains by m. l. rio

"i was very often full of rage and despair. i was always lonely. in spite of all that i was and am in love with life." - why be happy when you could be normal? by jeanette winterson

"My memories of Bram feel like the treasures I used to carry around in my pockets when I was a little girl- broken rocks with shimmery bits inside, old coins whose faces had been rubbed bare with time, the colorful feather of a small bird. But now I feel as if I've opened my fist, excited to share my precious things, only to realize the truth as they lay on my palm: They are worthless to anyone but me." - breeana shields

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