• kalamazoo, mi - hazel ave - where i was born and lived for a short while - no memory of it then, but my parents live there now
  • portage, mi - hampton st - the first house i remember - and the swingset
  • scotts, mi - greenfield shores - the house on the lake where i lived until college - i miss the smell of the water and the rustle of the leaves in the summer while i laid on the hammock.
  • kent, oh - heer hall - girls only honors dorm was not my idea of college living. had 3 roommates the first semester - they all dropped out or moved out by the end of it, which was no biggie, they weren't really my style. One roommate the second semester, which was pretty awesome in a room built for four.
  • kent, oh - verder hall - the arts dorm (and with boys) much more along the lines of my idea of college. Lived with Cristen, she was nice, but I was always at studio and she was always in the room watching tv.
  • kent, oh - Centennial Court B - lived with Amanda (v. cool) and across from Taylor & Pat (and Jeff by default). Lots of fun times with these kids, and lots of getting in trouble for drinking (but only when steely dan was on the turntable.) Brand new dorm was super nice, each room had its own bathroom.
  • florence, italy - via de rustici 6, the secret bakery was right behind our house so the landing always smelled like donuts - the apt had beamed ceilings and wood floors and it was awesome
  • kent, oh - Centennial Court D - private suite & bathroom - the epitome of dorm living, and also when the snooze button ruined my life.
  • kent, oh - ryan place - lived with mike behind the arby's and directly underneath the crazy stripper. super fun times there though. not a bad place, unless the crazy stripper was flooding our apt with her overflowing toilet/tub/whatever
  • pittsburgh, pa - the carriage house with the spiral staircase. i loved my little tiny apartment and living alone (plus my cat) and boyfriend sometimes.
  • pittsburgh, pa - cute old rowhouse in squirrel hill with various flatmates - abby, then annie, then emily, then annie again. (and kitty too). a cute place with a garden and a lovely porch.
  • columbus, oh - my victorian village apartment with lovely front porch in the heart of the short north! was there for 4 years despite raining inside the dining room, a tree falling on the house, and a drug dealer upstairs neighbor.
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