• patty & dragon - angelfish, patty was pink and dragon was black & white stripey. dragon ate patty's tail. patty died. dragon died later.
  • hoover - one of those fish that sucks the shit off the side of the tank. He was the sole survivor of the fish tank after P&D died. He lived for a while, and probably died of boredom.
  • smokey - the cat. we found him in our garage on new year's day. we called him smokey 'cause he was grey. we had him for a while and then he ran away. (it rhymes.) we found him later but he was wild and sick and feral and he would puke everywhere. he eventually ran away again and we didn't look for him that time.
  • brownie & sprinkles - guinea pigs that we had for a summer - they were my mom's teacher friend's classroom pets. brownie kept getting loose and hiding under our deck. sprinkles was chill though and didn't pull that shit. we gave them back at the end of the summer and that was okay with me, they weren't that cute and they smelled funny and their fur was wiry and not soft.
  • travis - the black cocker spaniel dog. longest running pet - we had him for 10 years - we got him from an old lady and he was so fat but we got him in shape and he lived to be 15. totally awesome dog and so well behaved. he was deaf and blind and incontinent by the end but still adorable. we eventually put him down because of old age. it was sad, but i was in college by then and only saw him a couple times a year.
  • suki - my siamese/calico mix kitty with one orange ear & big blue eyes. i got her from a friend's roommate who was moving away. her name was memphis then, which was a stupid name, so i changed it. she was beautiful and tiny and had the softest hair behind her ears, loved having her chin scratched & nose rubbed. She was always so un-cat-like and uncoordinated, which was hilarious, but she was my little spoon at night and we would hold hands. She was always a lazybones, but by age 16 or so she was blind, had mobility issues, kidney issues & couldn't really find her way around anymore. I had to make the call to put her down and it was so hard. Stayed with her till the end. Miss that sweet girl.
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