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.。.:*☆ ce qu'on appelle une raison de vivre est en même temps une excellente raison de mourir. (icon by juul kraijer)


「n.v ・ ♂ ・ ♑︎ sun, ♓︎ moon, ♏︎ rising」

  • age: 20
  • pronouns: he/him
  • sexuality: gay
  • country: sweden

interests include but are not limited to: art, folklore, history, reading, oddities & antiques, politics, the occult, philosophy, gawking at beautiful men, mycology, body modification, queer theory, vampires, rotting and decomposing, music and vinyl records, true crime, watching shitty 80's horror/slasher films

dec 6 2020 ∞
may 4 2021 +
  • gender studies @ university
  • former art student
  • speaks swedish and english, would eventually like to learn icelandic & japanese
  • vegan straight edge
  • horror is my all time favorite genre, although i'm a sucker for fluffy romance bullshit too
  • big fan of body modifications although i only have two atm (left ear + septum), i'm waiting for the plague to be over so i can go get more :p
  • fave feature on any app/site is the block button <3
  • wow my listo sure looks like absolute dog shit on mobile
dec 6 2020 ∞
may 4 2021 +


  • xiu xiu, jordaan mason, placebo, bauhaus, have a nice life, grouper, sisters of mercy, einstürzende neubauten, cortex, current 93, slowdive, the chameleons, the smiths, depeche mode & more


  • twin peaks, hannibal, the x-files, true detective season 1


  • the crow, midsommar, naked lunch, rocky horror picture show, pride, velvet goldmine, jennifer's body, låt den rätte komma in
dec 6 2020 ∞
may 4 2021 +
dec 10 2020 ∞
may 3 2021 +