Her name is Stubbs, as in Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. I named her this because of her stubby tail, and because I really love video games. (The one she's named after is one of my favourites.)

  • The way her ears go back when she yawns, and stretches.
  • Likes to throw around my pen when it's sitting on my notebook, and knock it off the table when it's not being used. Also loves to try chewing on it while I'm writing.
  • Any time I have a can in my hand she assumes it's wet cat food, and will meow at me relentlessly until she realises it's not what she thinks.
  • Waits for me at the front door when I go outside for any reason.
  • The little meows she does when she knows I'm going to tell her to get off the cable box. As if she's arguing with me - as a teenager would do with their parents when something "isn't fair."
  • How she sits in front of me, trying to protect me.
  • The way she runs toward me when she sees I'm awake, rubbing her head against my hand, and/or leg until I give in, and pet her.
  • Tries to wrap her front paws around my wrist to pull my hand to her head when she wants to be pet, and I'm not paying enough attention to her (according to her).
  • How she spreads her toes, and extends her legs when she stretches.
  • Any time I walk past her she meows, and/or purrs at me. Even when she's asleep, she'll wake up just to meow, and/or purr at me.
  • Always kneads me for extended periods when she climbs onto my torso.
  • She uses her paw/claws to open my hand, and get to her treats if I'm not giving them to her fast enough (in her mind).
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user picture Jenn: Stubbs, what a sweet, sweet name! :) sep 30 2017
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