• the views from the plane looking just like the ones i'd seen on the internet, the tears upon landing.
  • my two suitcases and how i struggled with them (a lot)
  • the dorms, the housemates from downstairs who adopted me to their little group (how i was the youngest out of all the people in our neighbourhood, and in my classes, and in the cafe i worked at)
  • how happy i'd get whenever i understood what was going on in classes, how many trips to the supermarket it took me to finally understand the cashier was asking if i needed the receipt
  • first northern lights in my life and then all the northern lights that followed, how i would tear up every single time
  • waffle wednesdays, playing uno, losing 9 times out of 10
  • senja roadtrip: sleeping in tents by the ocean, looking for streams with fresh water, porridge with jam for breakfast, hiking in the national park and how i regretted not having waterproof pants, changing clothes in a parking lot and how we were so tired it wouldn't matter anymore, the shovel we had in close vicinity at night, the mountains! oh, the mountains and the views and the mountain roads and how unreal it all was; the last night and how someone started panicking there were moose (or worse) close by our tents but it turned out that one of us was just hungry; being woken up by cows strolling by our tents
  • 8am free yoga on mondays, and the free breakfast that followed
  • the hilly way to the uni, the way it was impossible to walk in winter since it was ice all over, the many falls
  • all the hiking trips in the forests/mountains around town, the way reindeers became something we'd see daily (but they'd still scare me)
  • polar night, missing the sun for over a month before coming back home; the way i'd never been that sleep-deprieved; day and night becoming unrecognizable unless you looked at the clock
  • having to walk to school with a headlamp on, and spikes on boots
  • experiencing elena's first snow with her, building her very first snowman together as we were listening to winter playlists & elvis presley because his voice reminded her of the times she spent with her grandma
apr 5 2020 ∞
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