• my friend's dorm being the prettiest and most modern dorm i have ever seen
  • buying a baguette at a night bakery upon arrival, eating it at midnight by one of the canals
  • the smell of our morning coffee
  • the heat and how we would always forget to bring water
  • getting lost in orsay museum only to finally find van gogh's room; crying in front of his autoportrait
  • roaming around shakespeare&co bookstore for a long long time, finally deciding to buy some books i'd been looking for earlier
  • being absolutely terrified of taking the metro
  • that one time i thought i sprained my ankle on an uneven street
  • seeing eiffel tower (from far away since tom cruise blocked the entire area around it with his movie premiere) but it was enough
  • crowds everywhere, not being able to hear my own thoughts in louvre; the mcdonald's inside louvre what the heck
  • going to see ballet in opera garnier for only like ten euros and being able to see only half of the stage, it was worth it
  • seeing the french celebrate bastille day AND football championships, the craziness
  • french pastries that made me think of clouds
  • beauvais being the worst airport i've ever been to
apr 5 2020 ∞
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