Chanyeol stood at the front for three years. Morocco, Italy, Normandy, Germany and that folded paper was still there, inside his pocket. The photo that, even if crumpled and deprived of any color, showed a smile more dazzling than any rainbow. The smile of his first love, the beautiful florist that gave Chanyeol a reason to keep on fighting for his life.

“Come back to me, Chanyeol”

And he did, because he hadn't confessed his love yet.

If the earth and the constellation Virgo are 260 light years away, what then, Chanyeol wonders, is the distance between two human hearts?

If Paris was the diamond of Europe, the Byun sons were the diamonds of Paris. They were six, six roses made of gold and almond, but there was one who stood out amongst the others: his name was Baekhyun, The Sad Prince. Many artists tried to portray his heavenly traits, but he always refused them. Until one day. Until Park Chanyeol came.

In the midst of a war, Baekhyun harbours the guilt of every death on his shoulders.

During the 1950 Korean War, Chanyeol and Baekhyun meet on the battlefield. The problem? They don’t meet on the same side.

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