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these all are chanbaek fanfics that i've read and i think u should too (so far, from ao3, aff, live journal, and twitter)

(i think im gonna put another ships fanfics here like wangxian from mdzx and dazai x chuuya from bsd)

i listed it based on it's alphabet so you should read the sections correctly

happy reading everyone<3

thechanbaekli... single father baekhyun (secret pregnancy)
single father chanyeol (secret pregnancy)
royalty au (updated jul 25, 2019)
arranged marriage
friends with benefits (one night stands)

After concert shenanigans.

Includes cuddles, kisses, exposed skin.

Maybe a whispered I love you here and there.

Their typical night.

They live the normal, suburban lifestyle. Successful lawyers, with a beautiful two story house, no kids yet because Baekhyun just isn’t ready. The plan to adopt a dog is on the way of being reality as well.


Until Baekhyun and Chanyeol...

Six years of dating is a long time. people have come and go since then, but they managed to stick together still.

"Maybe we should try and meet new people," chanyeol suggests.

"Like make new friends?"

"No... like, dating other people just to see how that's like."


Chanyeol is a busy man, working hours varying. but one thing never changes- the man disappears into his room every night at 11pm.

Baekhyun, his sweet little son, always wonders why.

If only they knew the camboy daddy chanyeol was getting off to was a mere wall away.

Baekhyun is the crown jewel of the omega harem belonging exclusively to Seoul’s most notorious mafia sect.

Chanyeol is the hired alpha assassin assigned to guard him. There is only one rule.

Never unlock the chains.

Never touch.

chanyeol and baekhyun grew up together. they were definitely best friends since birth.

"hyung!" chanyeol would call; in an instant, baekhyun would be there.

he took care of him as he grew up. taught him how to read. how to button his shirt. how to play the piano. how to love.

Witches have always protected the world from demons. Baekhyun is one of the best, he killed thousands of them, but even the most merciless witch has a weakness. Baekhyun's one is a demon called Chanyeol.

Detectives Park and Byun /hate/ each other’s guts, have been competing since the academy, and are the best in their department.

It all changes when they’re assigned to go undercover together on a major trafficking case.

The only catch? They’re undercover as /husbands/.

They've been together for years but broke up because of different priorities. they meet inside an elevator one day. both seemed moved on from each other. then they get stuck & all the things theyve always been afraid to say wanted to come out of their lips.

devastated after breaking up with his boyfriend, baekhyun decides to erase chanyeol from his memory.

after finding out that baekhyun decided to erase him from his memories, chanyeol went to the same company to have his memories of baekhyun erased as well.

"i need to forget."

It has been Chanyeol's routine to send his late fiancé messages and update Baekhyun about his every days. It makes him feel that Baekhyun is still there, alive. But what will happen if he receives a response yet it's the same message Baekhyun sent him for the very first time?

To protect the world, Lucifer got put into eternal sleep. Baekhyun, an angel, finds the sleeping Demon and can't resist the temptation to revive him, a deep wanting inside of him to get corrupted by the devil. And Chanyeol, of course, grants him his wish.

"Baekhyun... Is... Something the matter?"

Baekhyun is a terrible liar, even without the telltale signs of something being amiss- sweat beading at his temples, eyes not fully opened, lips red from being bitten by his own white teeth.


Something that Baek hyun absolutely despised.

Not because of the effect they had on him, but because of the mere fact that he suffered from a rare condition.

Keg stands. Beer pong. Spin the bottle. Drinking competitions.

Baekhyun's heard of them all- all, except for this.

Baekhyun watches as his husband wanders in the flower garden. chanyeol has a soft smile on his face while he walks, carrying a small basket in his hands.

Staring at the flowers in his hands, baekhyun shows the yellow flowers to the taller man. "how about this one, chanyeol?"

imagine babie kyungsoo forced his father chanyeol to watch his favorite group's concert. chanyeol didn't know who were the members until he saw them singing and dancing gracefully at the stage. he stiffened bcs one of them is none other than his ex, baekhyun, ksoo's papa.

" Great Yeol. Absolutely fucking fantastic"

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere, due to their car having broken down, Baek hyun could have imaged better scenarios.

Not surrounded by tons of snow and the night rolling closer.

Tired of city life, Chanyeol moved in to a small town where everyone knows everyone. As a writer, it's easy for him to move wherever he wants to.

Little does he know that this town is not as usual as any other town. People here are scared of something.

Pilot Chanyeol was asked by two unfamiliar boys to look for their papa but he refused. Just when he was about to leave, someone from behind called the boys his sons.

Chanyeol was stunned. It was his ex-friend, Baekhyun.

The guy he abandoned after knowing he got him pregnant.

Top stars Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol announce their wish for divorce to the public after quite a heated year. All speculate on the reasons that could possibly lead the dream couple to separate, but no one knows the truth.

No one besides Baekhyun, who hides a pregnancy.

baekhyun is in a coma and baekbeom is devastated, so dr zhang decided to team up with the best robot-making company, creating android bbh-04.

it was supposed to be for baekbeom, but everything got messed up when a certain park chanyeol ordered a limited edition android, bh-004.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun are roommates. Their friendship is so strong that people think they're a couple. Sometimes Chanyeol dreams of having sex with him, but having wet dreams about his bestfriend can happen, right? Everything changes when Baekhyun reads a thing on the Internet.

- with me, this time.

chanyeol is the university's crush and baekhyun is the new english professor

for everyone else, the first time they met is when baekhyun first entered the classroom

but the matching wedding rings hidden beneath their clothes tell another story

[enemies to lovers, college au, smut, alcohol, size kink, handjob, rimming, anal sex]

It's been a year since chanyeol's four-year girlfriend, hyejin, left korea to work in new york. distance was never an issue.

Even if they were miles apart, chanyeol still loved her.

Until it got a bit lonesome; chanyeol started drinking a lot.

That's when he met baekhyun.

They were each others firsts - crush, kiss, love, everything. Life choices forced them apart but they had made a pact -- if they were single by 40 and meet again, they would marry. Now 20 years later, will they be each others last love as well?

Baekhyun was a wedding planner who promised one of his friends to organizer her wedding and they would start everything once she and her fiancé come back to Korea. Little did Baekhyun know that the fiancé his friend mentioned was his ex and the father of his son from his teenage.

After Baekhyun, the Witch of Seraphs, is attacked by an enemy coven, Chanyeol, the Witch of Omniscience, is tasked with restoring Baekhyun’s memory. But when Chanyeol reaches into Baekhyun’s mind he finds more than what he was looking for.

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