• Create Ecomap
  • Tally up the results of the pretests and posttests
  • Tally up your evaluation, as a professional and therapeutic leader
  • Tally up recreational outing evaluation
  • Finish up orientation videos; one for potential clients, one for their families.
  • Ask your supervisor for brochures; make them if there are none.
  • Transcribe group interviews one through eight for legibility
  • Fill out the group dynamic sheets for interviews six through eight
  • Polish the group dynamic analysis
  • Print out copies of the finished worksheets, write-ups, and commentary sheets so the agency social worker can include them in the client records


  • Transcribe community meeting 5 for legibility
  • Pretty up the community map
  • Edit the photographs to blur out faces
  • Send email to community leader
  • Procure the attendance sheets


  • Print out divider sheets
  • Print out index
  • Write up descriptions for levels micro, mezzo and macro
  • Write up introduction to portfolio
  • Write up professional evaluation
  • Write up evaluation for internship center
  • Organize sheets
  • Buy more protective slips


  • Public viewing write-up
  • Significant Intervention PowerPoint presentation
  • Send PowerPoint over email to professor
  • Write your resumé up and turn it in
  • Study for final exam


  • Send your PowerPoint presentation (Suarez Alers v. People of Puerto Rico) over BB
  • Study for final exam


  • Turn in the final forum (3)
  • Study for final exam
  • Take the final exam


  • Turn in Assignment #2
  • Turn in Assignment #3
  • Turn in non-profit organization website design
  • Turn in personal/professional website design


  • Check to see who hasn't turned in their $15
  • Count the money collected so far
  • Speak to the decoration committee - find out how much money they need to cover the decoration expenses
  • Speak to the ones in charge of catering - find out how much they need to cover the expenses
  • Speak to your internship partner to discuss decorations for the information table
  • Decide who will be in the Q&A session


  • Complete missing community services (1 & 2)
  • Speak to the coordinator; get certification of your participation in the directive committee for portfolio


  • Call metro campus - ask for admission documents to be send over email
  • Speak to the Dean; ask for information about institutional financial aid
  • Contact the CPTSPR; ask for information about their financial aid for graduate students.
  • Get rec letters
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