~Les choses que j’adore

wtf do i even like fr.

♡ eyeliner, pinterest, my friends, lil jovie, conversations, jewelry, stars, when i just finished my hair, doing my makeup at unholy hours of the night, the smell of clean sheets, fantasy, money, snakes, rings, candles that actually smell good, two toned lip gloss, skin care, handwritten letter, making rings, gifting rings (only to my favs), black clothes, complimenting, rokky and tech, poetry, spiders

~Les choses que je déteste

ik exactly what i don't like tho.

☁ the cold, crying, physical touch from people i don't know/like, my father, writers/readers block, seeing someone use words in the wrong context/ seeing someone use "big words" they don't understand (its always obvious)

nov 21 2022 ∞
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