-I feel like sometimes people just try so hard to be different and listen to underground stuff that they completely forget that its literally okay to like popular music. like its funny at times.

what i enjoyed



  • Pop

Wasted Affairs (song- Mind's Eye)

∘ this is literally me romanticizing everything in my life thinking i live in a movie.

  • "So honey give me your heart/ I’ve been right here from the start"

wet dreams (song- sundiver ca)

∘ just such a bedroom bop, feet on the wall, eyes closed, just vibing bc we need moments like tht.

  • "I think about you all the time when I’m cheesin’"

Useless (song- Omar Apollo)

∘ this song feels like what being in love is like. a stupid cycle when you are literally dumbstruck when someone else is on your mind.

  • "'Cause I'm useless when you're stuck in my mind/ I've been foolish, think of you all the time"

Shut Up My Moms Calling (song- Hotel Ugly)

∘ i listen to this song sm for no reason. like its so catchy and i can listen to it anywhere. literally feel like im a main character in a show.

  • "Hate the way I love you, but you're so sweet/ I always find a way to say the wrong things/ I wish that we were layin' in the same sheets."

emails i cant send (album- sabrina carpenter)

∘ i dont give a flying fuck, this shit is a bop bro. DECODE?? stunning. like this album is just so beautifully written. SKINNY DIPPING IS TOO GOOD idgaf tht tiktok gave it shit bc its a whole bunch of brain washed kids sayin the same shit and can't wash their asses properly. this white girl literally has me dancin, crying and yelling in my seat and i need tht after these past couple of months. The Bascome Twins reaction video to the album is literally me the whole time, "White people and their drama" REALLL.

  • "Love me, then pretend you didn't/ Half of me just can't resist it/ Why you gotta be so vicious?" - Vicious
  • "To think that we could be casual/ You're not my friend and baby, you never were. - Read your mind
  • "It'd be so nice, right? Right?/ If we could take it all off and just exist/ And skinny dip in water under the bridge. - Skinny dipping
  • "But now I wonder why/ I let your confusion keep me up at night/ I'm so tired." - Decode
  • "Being myself, did that emasculate you?" - Decode
  • "There's nothing left here to decode" - Decode

superache (album- conan gray)

∘ i lose my phone for a couple months and conan drops an album?? smh. i love this album sm, theres really no discussion to be made bc its agreed.

  • "In my head, we're dancing in the dark/ In my head, we kiss under the stars" - Movies
  • "Stop tryna keep us alive/ You're pointing at stars in the sky/ That already died" - Astronomy
  • "Killin' parts of myself to fit you/ Clear as shit I was not the issue" - Jigsaw
  • "Scattered 'cross my family line/ I'm so good at telling lies" - Family line
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