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i love making lists so some lists are kinda random

not as active as i used to be cause i usually use carrd now but ill try my best to update my lists


! (x) means i want to move the villager out !

Animal Crossing Gamecube

  • cant remember

Villagers: TBD

Wild World

  • Cat City

Villagers: Static, Robin (x) and Benedict (x)

New Leaf

  • St⭐rdust - 4D00-00DF-BB6A

Villagers: Ketchup, Sprocket, Sly, Bob, Inkwell, Dobie, Cece, Viché, Hopkins and Felicity

New Horizons

  • JapariPark - DA-1376-5999-5680

Villagers: Raymond, Sterling, Rosie, Bob, Coco, Knox, Stitches, Chrissy, Francine and Pietro

mar 28 2020 ∞
oct 15 2020 +