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i love making lists so some lists are kinda random

not as active as i used to be cause i moved all my about stuff to my carrd but i update my lists whenever i am able


! grey knight is more of a name than a screen name and not every username i use are on here as some are only one-offs for that certain account on that certain site (ex. blockshapedcat is only on newgrounds and C4STL3-CR4SH3RS is only on deviant art) !

! if anyone is using these and claiming they are me when they are not please inform me (go to linktree on carrd for all my sites in case you need to know if i use the site and/or use that username on that site) !

  • YoBlockTheater and YoBlock (MAIN)
  • Digstar (2ND MAIN)
  • Something involving the Pokemon Rowlet (Shiny-Rowlets, Shiny-Rowletz, rowlet_is_an_owl etc.) (barely used nowadays really only being used on a few accounts)
  • Invaderchaos and Invader-Chaos (used on some website urls like carrd and neocities)
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nov 18 2020 +