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i love making lists so some lists are kinda random

not as active as i used to be cause i moved all my about stuff to my carrd but i update my lists whenever i am able

  • Tamagotchi Friends
  • Tamagotchi Tamago
  • Tamagotchi 4U (JP)
  • Tamagotchi Garden (JP)
  • Tamagotchi Gen 2 (red glitter, transparent) (replica)
  • Tamagotchi Gen 1 (pink with sprinkles) (replica)
  • Tamagotchi Gudetama (broken screen, need a replacement)
  • Tamagotchi ON
  • Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Familtchi
  • Tamagotchi Music Star
  • Pac-Man Tamagotchi x2 (one has the case)

Currently Active

  • N/A


  • Neopets Aisha
  • TAKARA TOMY Cheeks Chan Sui Hello Kitty (JP)


  • Tamagotchi Angel and Devil
  • Doraemon Tamagotchi (JP)
  • Eevee Tamagotchi (JP)
  • Neopets Grundo
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