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  • 17yo hs junior
  • they / them
  • usa, half-filo
  • entp, 4w3, ravenclaw, libra
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friendship testimonies (i asked a bunch of people what the average jax impression is, first impression and in general)

  • "i thought you were a cis dude for a solid couple days"
  • "silly little guy, you just came across as a goofy "bruh kid""
  • "i knew you were trans but didn't know what flavor of trans for an extended period of time. and since your discord doesn't show pronouns I was just confused"
  • "you randomly started talking to me and were not annoying so i thought you were cool"
  • "jax is jax"
  • "i could tell immediately that you were silly"
  • "i forgor"
  • "i really don't know you very well but you do concern me"
  • "wowza that is a person"
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